Schools Around the Bethany Area

Bethany College

Judith R. Hurl Education Center

(formerly Bethany Primary)

Wellsburg Middle

Bethany Primary is no longer used as a school in Brooke County . The Brooke Board of Education has consolidated several schools. Bethany area children are now taken by bus to various Wellsburg schools.

The facility was taken over by Bethany College and is used by the Education Department. 



Wellsburg Middle can be found in downtown Wellsburg close to the Ohio river. Transportation is provided for children to Wellsburg Middle. Wellsburg Middle School's phone number is (304) 737-2922.

Brooke High School

Brooke High School's phone number is (304) 527-1410. 


Pre-schools and Alternatives to Public Education

Contact the Brooke County Board of Education and/or the Chamber of Commerce for pre-school and alternative education options in the area.

Mayor Shirley Kemp


Phone: 304 829-4342

The Town of Bethany

P. O. Box U

Bethany WV, 26032


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