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The Town of Bethany will enforce the rules set forth in Section 29-3E - 6,10,11,12 and 13 of the WV Code.  A copy will be posted at the Community Center or you can contact Mayor Kemp for a copy.


Rental Fee - $100 plus $50 security deposit.  Contact Mayor Kemp at 304-670-0897 to schedule.

Most side streets are owned by the State of West Virginia. Contact them at:

Address: 1 Dot Dr, Moundsville, WV 26041

Phone: (304) 843-4000


Bethany Sanitation/Sewer Service:

While Bethany residents receive bills from the Ohio County Public Service District for water and sewer, the sanitation system is owned and operated by Bethany's government in Bethany. E-mail: bethanysanitationdept@ or dial 304 829-4217.






Thanks for visiting the Town of Bethany's web site. Bethany is a friendly, welcoming and progressive community in Brooke County, WV. A town of arts/culture, education and history. The Town of Bethany was  named by Alexander Campbell back in 1827.


Bethany has a very active Community Center, a privately owned Community Park, a small retail area downtown, and easy access to a variety of nature based activities. And of course, is the location of Bethany College.


Click this PDF to Download

Bethany Town Ordinances.

Click the 2nd PDF to download

the updated Bethany Zoning Map


Click the 3rd PDF for a copy of the

2018 Town Comprehensive Plan.

Click the 4th PDF for a copy of the

most recent Town Council Monthly

Meeting Agenda.


Regular Council Meetings are on the First Wednesday of Each Month at 6 p.m. at 326 Church St.

Spring '19-till further notice

The Town is organizing a "Heritage Festival" and needs community volunteers. Contact Mayor Kemp at 304 829-4342.

Town Square On Main Street Open-Improvements Planned

Outdoor benches, a picnic table, and other items are now installed on Main Street across from the faculty apartments. Bethany College service learning students will be recommending further improvements.

July 1. 2019 to June 30, 2021

Contact Bethany Mayor Shirley Kemp to volunteer for a Town of Bethany Committee.


Shop along Bethany's Main Street, at the historic "Chambers General Store" (open Monday thru Saturday), plus open on select days throughout the year is the "Earthsmith Pottery Studio" in the 100 block of Main St.

The Disciples of Christ's National Historical Archives is now open near the Campbell Mansion off S.R. 67.

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Bethany Quick Facts

Holiday Decorations at Ross and Main.

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